My take on Vermeer's 'Girl With A Pearl Whatsit'

Pen Abstract 47

Yes thought ir looked slightly familiar Michael, very different:)

Like your imagination

I’m enjoying your abstracts, Michael. I do like this one.

This is very entertaining!

You are full of surprises, Michael: this is a super interpretation of the real one!

Love this.

Gee thanks everyone - I didn't expect to get such a response - done as a bit of fun - we do tend to get a bit stuffy and a smile does help.

Oh no, not another one of this girl with a pearl...only joking Michael and I love your interpretation. Made me smile and such a good title as well!

Another intriguing abstract Michael.

Love your imagination

Is that a pipe she is smoking Michael?

Hang on Studio Wall

Or to give it its full title: My take on a Miro version of a Picasso interpretation of Vermeer's 'Girl With A Pearl Whatsit' - with a nod to Kandinsky.

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