Another very fine sketch, Micheal. I had a quick go at this charcoal and water technique. I'm surprised how well it works, very like the water soluble pencils. I don't fix my sketches, but after the water was applied the charcoal didn't smudge nearly so easily. So, thanks for the tip.

Cheers Lewis - what I like about it is the immediacy and the great effects you can get with just a few marks.

Lovely sketch Michael.

I must confess that I've never used charcoal and water Michael, I'll give it a go next time. Another cracking sketch in its simplicity.

Lovely drawing in charcoal, I will have to have a go Michael.

What a great idea, Michael. I certainly will give it a try.

These are really superb Michael gorgeous quality

thanks for all your encouragement Sandra, Alan, Carole, Mia and Dennis. Hope others will give it a go.

Great sketch, Michael

Very nice Michael, I think this is my favourite of your sketches.

That tree is a beauty Michael. Super charcoal sketch!

Keep these great sketches coming !

Thanks all - yes I'll be posting a few more - so pleased they have gone down so well.

I’ve had a go Michael but it’s not very good...heavy handed and clumsy. I also didn’t seem to be able to get the charcoal to dilute when I added water. I enjoyed it though, might try again and use a smoother paper next time. This is a super sketch, the tree is especially well done.

I did it on watercolour paper and used a soft dark charcoal pencil if that helps Fiona. Have another go.

Hang on Studio Wall

Another quick charcoal and water brush sketch from the series

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