Pen Abstract No30

Pen Abstract 30

Brilliant Michael. I'll admit I'm a bit in the dark about abstract art, but some I just plain like and don't question why. These are great.

Thanks Lewis. having done a few now and popped them on the web there's been some interest. This one is now spoken for and is at the framers. Influenced by Paul Klee and contemporary artists Jon Harris and Michael King. I just love them and since my wife has just had an op I don't like leaving her so hours in the studio are not really an option. I can do these at the table so it's win win.

I’m a bit like Lewis. Not sure about abstract painting/ drawing, but I definitely like these a lot.

Very different Michael, space age abstract.

Very unusual and attractive, I really like them.

I'm with Lewis on this!

Love these, Michael, very original and stylish.

Thanks everyone - appreciate the feedback - I'll develope these further perhaps edging more towards the whimsical.

Jenny has the word I was looking for, stylish, and I’m getting a musical influence but not quite sure why?

Really enjoyed looking at this.

Even though abstract, I love the controlled aspect of your drawings Michael. Very chic.

Excellent abstracts Michael and beautifully done.

Thanks so much Katie, Richard, Fiona and Paul.

Music for me too, Michael . I bet we all see something different.

Different and interesting. I get a musical idea too.

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