New Born

New Born

Many, many congratulations with your grandson. I hope he will become as talented as his grand-father. This is a beautiful souvenir. Stunning how with a few lines you tell a whole story. Amazing, Michael!

I agree with Mia, love this work, the simplicity and thought process in the range. Keep it going Jason

Congratulations on the birth of your grandson. Lovely work Michael

Many congratulations Michael. Another simple and beautiful painting

Thanks for your very kind comments everyone. Mia - the little chap is now 4 weeks old so it will be a little while yet before I can start to teach him anything - assuming I still have capacity !!

Double congratulations Michael for grandson and his picture.

A beautiful dedication, to a beautiful event Michael. My sincere congratulations to you and your family. You have made a few well chosen lines speak volumes.

I love black and white works very much. I used to do calligraphy with Chinese ink and brushes. That was compulsory in primary school. I totally hate it, but I’ve been feeling that experience has started to come out my mind these days. Just black work on white paper. I think that must be the most beautiful, the most difficult and the most enjoyable art. I like your work. Very simple but I feel stories behind them.

Thanks Midori and James. My love of minimalistic drawing such as this was triggered by my love for cartoons. I have never tried or studied Chinese art but I have been greatly influenced by the work of Benjamin Chee Chee - a Canadian first nation artist - if you are not familiar with him it is worth looking him up on the internet.

I had a look at Benjamin's work and can see some of his influence in your work. What a sad end to such a talented life.

Congratulations Michael and what a lovely way to remember such a happy event.

I'm a bit late with this one, Michael, and agree with everything that's already been said; simply beautiful. And the mount and black frame are very effective. I've never much liked black frames but after reading your input, I've purchased a few and have to say that even colourful watercolours look good in black.

Huge congratulations on your new grandson, Michael! And what a lovely tribute - beautifully done and replete with meaning. It will be something to treasure in the years ahead!

Would make a lovely card...Christmas, birth announcment. As usual you minimalistic just works.

Hang on Studio Wall

As before: 4.5ins square and mounted in a black frame. Fiona - you suggested a mother and child so I thiought I would give it a go - very apt as my daughter has just had a gorgous little boy - I think I should dedicate it to her and our little grandson.

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