I have to mention that I (as usual) started immediately in ink, no pencil drawing first. So I couldn't change anything once the drawing was on the paper.

I like your shape Mia, might I suggest another flower head in between the larger and smaller one, but that's just an opinion, nothing wrong with your drawing it's great as usual 😁

Looks fine to me Mia, and I like the medium. Nice work.

Great drawing as usual, Mia, I love the tension in the image, so might I dare to suggest 'playing' with it before adding Linda's suggestion, Perhaps 'add' flower cut out and see if it adds anything

Thank you very much for your positive advices Linda, Jim, Thalia and Gudrun. I will try it out and see how it looks. Maybe I will have to leave the composition as it is (or not) :)

I love the shape, I think it’s perfect as it is.

What a gorgeous shape this is Mia, I think it looks great as it is, very lovely drawing.

Another "top one " Mia !

I like it as it is Mia but knowing you, you'll follow on in colour successfully!

That's just right, Mia. A lovely piece of work. I shall watch out for the color version, but it looks just grand as it is.

Thank you all very, very much for your positive comments. I shall keep them in mind when painting the coloured version :)

Beautifully drawn again Mia and for me the composition works as it is.

You're so good at these Mia.

I think it’s a lovely drawing Mia. Maybe a few mid tone or shadows in the leaves ?

It speaks for itself Mia.....just enough.

Thank you very much Satu, Val, Diana and Fiona. I always appreciate your comments.

Hang on Studio Wall

This is (again) an Ikebana pen and wash but I am not sure about the flower and its leaves. I used my Artpen filled with Quink Ink and then gave it a wash with clear water. One of the following days I will make it in colour and then I will see about the flowershape. Size A4. All comments as usual very, very welcome :)

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