After Bellamy (Ronda-Spain)

After Bellamy (Ronda-Spain)

It looks, and believe me this is a compliment, like an 18th century drawing from what the English used to call the Grand Tour (think John Ruskin). You have all the classical touches...

Very effective and easy on the eye Mia

Now this is a subject that I would probably have walked straight past, but you have made such a lovely painting from it. I know what Robert means about the sketchbook from the Grand Tour. It does has a very 18th centuary feel about it. Beautiful in its simplicity.

I like this Mia and an interesting technique,didn't know about water soluble graphite pencils,

Thank you all very much for those lovely compliments. I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate your comments. It is an enormous boost and a confirmation for me to continue. I hope you understand what I mean, because my English vocabular is rather limited. I always admire the fluent words and expressions when Robert posts a comment.

Robert spoke the words that were in my mind. (He's good at describing what he feels). Very attractive drawing Mia.

Thank you so much for your comment, Carole. Yes, indeed, Robert is good with words. I am always looking forward to how he will say things.

I couldn't say it better than Robert. I almost missed this amongst the dozens of multiple posts that have flooded the site recently. I'm so glad I didn't.

I thank you so much, Diana, for your lovely comment. I think, browsing the gallery will become a full time job finding something original amongst the dozens of blown up ego's that think they have the monopoly of the website. And worst of all, most of them have their own website and decide all of a sudden they should put everything from there overhere, instead of posting their work gradualy so we can enjoy it slowly. Anyway, I am glad you liked it and took the time to post a comment on it.

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This is a painting I made after watching a David Bellamy-DVD. It is made on wet paper using raw sienna watercolour in places and drawing into it with watersoluble graphite pencil (giving a very dark result). After drying, I gave it a wash over the pencil drawing and when this was dry, added some accents with conte pencil pierre noire.

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I live in Blankenberge on the Belgian Coast, about 15km from Bruges. After being trained as an art teacher in the 60ties, I started teaching for a few years. Then I had my carreer in a school administration. After retirement, I started drawing and painting again. I bought a lot of English books…

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