Herb Robin for Adele

Herb Robin for Adele

It's gorgeous, Mia! I love the palette. A different feel, but equally attractive. Beautifully nuanced.

Lovely Mia. A delicate drawing with such harmonious colours.

I left out a few leaves to put the little flower more in focus.

Thank you very much, Seok and Avril, for your quick response. I appreciate!

So lovely and delicate Mia.

Exquisite Mia, so delicate.

Thanks Satu, Gudrun, Val and Michael for your positive comments.

Lovely MIa....the delicate colours are gorgeous.....

It looks even better with colour, lovely painting Mia.

Stunningly beautiful Mia!

This really is beautiful Mia - thank you for painting it. It wasn't so much a challenge as a genuine interest in what the colours were like, and I am not disappointed.

What a little beauty Mia, and so delicate.

Saw a lot of these on my doggy walk this morning. The colour really makes it Mia.

Thank you all so very much for taking the time to have a look and post a comment. Adele, I know it really wasn't a challenge but you gave me a boost to take out my box of watercolour paints after a long time and I needed that kick in the ... to start again. I want to thank you for that :) Mia

Oh! I didn't realise that Mia. As long as you are happy you did it.

I certainly am, Adele. I hope this will be a new start after only drawing in ink and washes. Moving to my studio upstairs to paint with all my watercolours around me instead of drawing at the kitchen table was a happy moment.

Fantastic! Here's to happy times Mia.

A delicate painting for a delicate wild flower. Gorgeous.

Thanks Adele and Ellen.

Hang on Studio Wall

After posting a pen and wash monochrome sketch on the Gallery, Adele 'challenged' (lol) me to make a coloured version of this beautiful wild plant. Well, here it is. All comments are very welcome. Thanks :) Mia

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