Quick sketch

Quick sketch

I really like it Mia, I hope you will make a painting from it.

What a great sketch Mia! Lovely work.

I didn’t need to see your name here Mia, recognised you lovely ink work right away.

Such beautiful delicate detail Mia.

I like quick sketches Mia. Nice work.

Thank you all so very much for your lovely, positive comments. Linda, I hope I can make a coloured pen and wash of it in the coming days.

Lovely work Mia.

Thank you very much Val, I appreciate.

I love quick sketches too, they are livelier and much more interesting sometimes. Great little drawing Mia.

This really is a lovely positive comment, Satu and I thank you for that :)

A charming scene which you've caught with such fresh, vitality. (I know what you mean about postings disappearing into to the depths of POL. Some people take this site for their own personal sight. I'm still regretting the old POL !! )

It's very fresh Mia and conveys the feeling that you enjoyed doing it.

You asked for negative comments too, so I've made a big effort to find one - and I suppose I would just say that you've got the problem here that is very common when you go straight in with the ink, especially if you're using a rigid nib such as those you find in markers - just a few of the lines look a little as if they were knitted, or scribbled, whereas a faint touch of guideline pencil might have helped you get a clean sweep: this doesn't matter at all in most of the drawing, because the lines are irregular anyway, but it does show up a bit in those sweeping lines on the wall at left, above the flower pots and in front of the jugs. But remember I'm fighting to find a negative comment, because I think we learn from those more than from unalloyed praise! Apart from that, it's a light touch drawing, well composed, and yes it would make a lovely painting.

I always dive straight in, ALL my sketches are done that way and I much prefer it. I don't have any issues at all with this one Mia, nice drawing technique. A splash of tone will always help give any sketch a bit of solidity, I generally use a diluted acrylic ink, it really does anchor the whole thing; not all over mind you, mainly shadows.

Many thanks Avril, Marjorie, Robert and Alan for taking the time to have a look and posting a comment. I agree with the curved lines, Robert, now that you mention it. I did not notice it before now. I think I was not concentrated enough anymore at the end of the drawing time. Those lines are definitely not what they should be. I once had a teacher who could point his finger on every line in our sketches where we were not concentrated anymore. I think this was the case here, I can see it now. Thanks for that.

Mia I dont know how you can draw these lovely sketches in ink without having to do them in pencil first and its great composition too. magic

Lovely appealing sketch Mia. great woek

Thank you very much for this lovely compliment, Syd. I do appreciate.

Hang on Studio Wall

This is an A4 sketch I made in about 30 minutes, starting immediately in ink. I used a Stabilo Point 88 marker. All comments are very welcome :)

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