Quick sketch

Quick sketch

Like it a bit? I like it a lot - a great little study Mia.

The marker mix has worked a magic with the tones I think. Yes, a great study.

It is a beautiful drawing Mia even without the coffee!

I like the water soluble pen effect myself but apparently it fades Mia. Your sketch is rather beautiful!

If I had produced this Mia, I would be over the moon. A lovely piece of work. I really don't think any of the mistakes you listed has had a bad effect here.

Thank you all so very much for your lovely comments. Yes, Louise, I know the water-soluble ink is not lightfast but as the sketch is made on cartridge-paper, it is not supposed to be framed and displayed. It was just an impulsive need to draw and paint something!

I like it a lot too Mia! Sometimes the unexpected can be beautiful, which this is.

Well MIa, for all those mistakes it's not turned out too badly, in fact a lovely little botanical drawing.

Thank you very much Fiona and Alan for taking the time to post such a nice comment.

This is a great little study Mia, I love it.

Thanks Val, I appreciate!

Thank you very much, Margaret.

I like it a lot, Mia! As with your other pieces - elegantand full of impact.

Thanks Seok.

Hang on Studio Wall

Before the flowers were gone, I wanted to sketch this again. Mistake 1: I used a water-soluble marker. Mistake 2: I sketched it on light drawing paper so it cocled. I didn't want to use my coffee, so I added a watercolour wash on the leaves but the water-soluble marker made a bit of a mess of the green. I hope you like it a bit anyway :) Mia

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