Syd's Challenge / Orange and Blue

Syd's Challenge / Orange and Blue

In the original painting the orange is brighter and the blue sky is 'bluer' (lol).

I think it is great. I really like the way the sails are hanging; and your pen work as always is very good. As you say the colours marry very well this time. However, I did also like your previous purpley one.

I think so far Mia, this is my personal favourite for palette. Your pen work as always, is superb.

I agree with Fiona! Your style stands out so well Mia!

I've missed all these challenges but I really like this one. Who would have thought that cadmium orange and ultra could produce such agreeable tones. Cad orange, and cad red, always seem to muddy a painting when I try them!

Yes, Mia, this definitely works the best. Love those orange sails.

For some reason I missed this one Mia. Excellent result and isn't it surprising what can be achieved by just using two colours. I know that I've learned a lot from this particular challenge. It's all been a bit of an eye opener really!!

Ps..I was probably too busy looking in aghast at the latest

Thank you all very much for your positive comments. Yes, Louise, those challenges were very useful. I never thaught that orange and blue could give such rich colours. In my opinion sand was painted with raw sienna but this really was a surprise when I saw the possibilities of this new mix!

Looks really great Mia and the combination seems to work perfectly. It's a very pleasant and peaceful painting!

A lovely scene with the two colours working together. Nice work.

Thanks very much Satu and Avril. I highly appreciate your comments.

Very nice work Mia. I agree that this combination of colours looks asif you had three colors.Best yet.

Best yet Mia. It looks as if you had more colours instead of two.lovely work.

You're enjoying these challenges, Mia, aren't you? And well done for thinking them through and making such a good job of using prescribed colours so effectively. This one has a lovely sunny charm to it.

Thank you very much Syd and Thea. Yes, I am enjoying those challenges, Thea. They give me a boost to start a painting and also, I learned a lot about mixing colours and the surprising results you can achieve with them.

Yes you have risen to the challenge expertly as always Mia. Lovely beach colours.

Carole, thank you very much for your positive comment.

fab painting Mia so fresh lovely

Thank you very much, Sandy.

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Being away for a few days, I finally had the time to answer Syd's Challenge on the Forum: Orange and Blue. I made the ink drawing with a Unipin 0,8 marker. The paints are Cadmium Orange and Ultramarine Blue by Winsor and Newton. Because of the opacity of the orange, I had to redraw some ink lines after the watercolour was dry. In the original painting, the orange is a bit brighter but I am rather pleased with the mixes for the sand and the dunes: unexpected. I think of all the challenge combinations this is my favourite. What do you think?

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