Very nice, are you going to add a wash or two?

I really like this.It's gorgeous

So intricate and fine detail for a quick sketch Mia. You are very good at these.

Great drawing Mia, it looks a very old house full of character, which yur drawing has shown.

Superb Mia. Just the right amount of detail.

Great work Mia.

Beautiful spot and drawing Mia!

Thank you all so very much for your positive comments. Stephen, this is just a basic sketch. I don't know yet what to make of it: a full watercolour, a coloured pen and wash, or....

Like you Mia, I love this sort of study. It's a lovely image and I am interested to know how you find the 'Rotring Artpen' ? I read an article about it recently and thought I might treat myself. I still use the old fashioned dip pen, which I like, but it can be a bit scratchy on a textured paper.

Hi Mia, sorry but I can't find your remarks about the rotring artpen.

Hi Fiona, Thanks for the lovely comment. I discovered the Rotring ArtPen by accident in an Art-Shop in Genk (Belgium) where my youngest daughter lives. I think you can find it in any large Art-shop or if you go to the Rotring web, you can find a supplier near to where you live. I use the "F"size sketch-pen with black or sepia cardridges and they are not scratchy at all!!. The only problem is: the ink is not lightfast. and I know this by experience!!! Anyway, it is a pleasure to draw with those pens and I think Wendy Jelbert is also using them a lot.

Many thanks Mia for going to the trouble of getting back to me, I will certainly look into these pens. Is the 'F' size fine, medium or heavy nib?

No trouble at all, Fiona. I am pleased to help. "F" is for "sketch Fine". If you go to the webside, you can click on "Artpen" and there you find all the different sizes, going from sketch"SF" to Lettering "B" for Bold, Calligraphy, etc.... I have a Bold and it is too large for what I need. "F" is ok for me. Good luck :) Mia.

It might only be a small part of the building but such is the eloquence of your work, I can easily image the rest of the house and the surrounding area. Beautifully drawn.

Love this Mia - it has such a charming atmosphere, and you convey the detail with precision, yet with such artistic flair.

Full of character Mia, lovely.

Sorry for the late respons. Thank you very much, Thea, Seok and Lesley.

Hang on Studio Wall

A "quick" sketch of a Mediterranean gable, using my Rotring Artpen with watersoluble ink. When the ink was dry, I gave it a wash here and there to ad some depth. It is supposed to be an "exercise" on cartridge paper. Thank you for having a look and maybe posting a comment.

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