The bench - no coffee

The bench - no coffee

I'm amazed by how much you achieve with one pen, Mia! So many tones, accents and shades of light. It is absolutely gorgeous!

I like this Mia, it's intersting how we all use the same media in different ways. I like how you describe the 'clumps' of foliage with a few marks of the pen.

I love this Mia, I could happily sit on this bench and let the rustic atmosphere transport ....perhaps the lighthouse, or to one of the little cottages you are so good at portraying... Ali

Posted by ali . on Sat 04 Feb 14:39:59

Fabulous trees and the composition is so nice. I thought that you meant that this was a regular spot for your cup of coffee until I remembered that you paint washes with it :) I paint with tea, but not on purpose, I absent mindedly dip it in the tea rather than the water pot :)

What a lovely fresh drawing/painting Mia - I agree with Stephen where he comments on your use of simple marks to indicate foliage - a lovely loose approach.

I love this Mia, so very you and such great tones.

Knew this was one of yours Mia - well done!

A super drawing made even better with the addition of a well placed tonal wash. Lovely work.

Mia a super pen & wash....I love your darker tones around the bench to make it stand out. Everything about it shouts individuality and talent!

Lovely pen and wash -You are a lady of many talents, it's a lovely drawing. Have just been watching Margaret Evans DVD, pen and wash, Italian scenes myself

Lovely Mia. I have quite often used coffee by accident, and sometimes it has produced some nice muted tones. I just want to sit on that bench with one right now. There is atmosphere in this and a sense of tranquility. Skilful.

Beautiful pen and wash MIa, I love the composition, very well painted as usual

It's all been said Mia - a lovely scene, beautifully drawn and painted - just the place to sit with a cup of coffee, whether it's painted in the drink or not!

I think they liked it - with or without a nice cup of coffee! I always admire the way you capture foliage with just a few lines. I see you're using markers - and why not, they're very good these days. Do you still use the old-fashioned dip-pen and bottle ink now and then? Do you find much difference between these ways of working? I still have a box full of nibs and pen-holders, and feel a bit treacherous towards them when I use markers instead - the advantage of the dip pen, of course, is that you can see when the ink is running out.. and the line can be beautiful. Incidentally, I see there's an article on silverpoint in the Artist - a form in which I worked years ago and would love to work in again: I think you could make something very impressive in that medium, given your linear skills ... once you've got the basic materials, it isn't expensive, either. Let me tempt you.............

Oh, thank you all so very much for your lovely comments. You all have no idea how much I appreciate these, coming from such talented artists you all are. Robert, as a teenager, I had a present: a box full of nibs (12 x 12!!!) and I still have more than a 100 of them. I rarely use nibs now because they can scratch the paper if you go backwards. Sometimes I use a Rotring Artpen with watersoluble ink. This is a lovely pen but the ink is not lightfast so it is not to be framed and sold. The lines with markers are easier and I always hold my marker very horizontally and by pressing more or less, I can draw my lines as lively as I want. I never used a silverpoint but the next time I go shopping in my art-shop I will have a look for it and maybe try it!

I can pick a 'Mia' out straight away. I was thinking what it was about your work that makes it so distinctive and I have come to the conclusion that you produce an image which is often very detailed but is also restful on the eye. Quite a contrast really. Now that's a real skill!

Thank you very much, Thea. I am always so impressed by all the positive comments I have on my work and I am really appreciating.

I can only add that I agree with all ! A beautiful piece.

Lovely pen and wash of a beautiful spot. Particularly like that foreground tree :)

A lovely, peaceful painting there Mia, I like it a lot.

Avril, Lesley and Satu, I am very grateful. Thank you very much for those lovely comments. I don't realize why and how, but I very often have the complement that my works are so peaceful. Even when I have my solo-exhibition, visitors come to me and tell me that it all is so restful. I am not aware of that.

Thought this was one of your Mia, a really nice composition and well executed pen and wash by you, like it very much.

Thanks you very much, Graham, coming from such a talented artist as you are yourself, this is a real boost. :) Mia

Mia, just having a look back at all the work I have missed! A wonderful drawing as always from you. A great scene too.

Sorry, Carole, for my late thanking. I always appreciate your comments very much!

Hang on Studio Wall

A pen and wash on Arches watercolour paper. I used a sepia marker and this time no coffee but sepia watercolour paint for the monochrome wash. Because of the sort of paper, the ink was not completely dry when I added the wash, so it seemed a bit like watersoluble ink. All comments are very welcome, thanks!

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