No calligraphy yet

No calligraphy yet

ps. I already made a similar drawing some time ago but we decided that there is too much text on that, so I made a new one because we liked the shape of the hop.

Perfect --as always Mia

Harrie must be very gifted - the thought of writing on someone else's work makes my hand shake!! Look forward to seeing the finished work Mia.

Thanks Charles and Debs for your quick comments. Yes Debs, he always is very nervous about it. I am very, very glad that I am the first to work on the paper, so I can start again if something goes wrong without troubling him!

It's great Mia and I do look forward to the finished piece

How interesting it must be to collaborate with another artist and enrich you work. This is a lovely drawing Mia.

Such a lovely fresh green, I'm intrigued to see what he writes to compliment your lovely work.

Thank you very much, Kirstie, Michael, Avril, Denise and Lesley. I am very curious too. I will give it to him during the second week of July when we are going to my youngest daughter, so maybe it will be September before I get it back. He has a large garden, so I do not want to push him. Wait and see..... (for me too!), but I will post it as soon as possible :) Mia

Beautiful Mia, can't wait to see the finished painting.

A beautiful drawing and a very interesting collaboration Mia !

Thanks Fiona and Satu, for your comments. I know it is very unusual, 2 different techniques by different "artists" on the same paper. It is still amazing me how it came to that and what we together are capable of. Having the same idea's about art and feeling by instinct what to do... I am a very happy and lucky person!!!!!

Thank you very much, Sarah.

Another beautiful drawing

This has great promise and I can't wait to see the finished work. Lovely drawing and I like the subtle green you have used. Hope the calligraphy goes well.

Thanks Glennis and Thea. I always appreciate your positive comments.

This is absolutely stunning, Mia! It's beautifully drawn, as usual, and the composition is lovely.

Thank you very much, Seok, for your lovely comment.

Hang on Studio Wall

This is meant to show how I make my pen and wash drawing on the paper BEFORE I take it to my calligraphy-friend Harrie Voet while visiting my youngest daughter, living 200km from here. He is her neighbour, so when I am there, he can take it over and put some text on it. Most of the time I never know before what he is going to make of it. It always is a real stunning surprise and I never had to make a drawing again because of a mistake he made. The next time I go there, the workwill be ready (I hope) and I can mount and frame it . It is one of the new works we are making for our next exhibition in November. More info about the collaboration with Harrie Voet on my Blog "Mia" and on Harrie Voet's website: "" - galerie VI: kalligrafie in aquarellen. In a few weeks time I will post the finished work, so you can see how it looks!!

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