Oh Mia, I'm exactly the same and I have to confess that I've had yet another go at this ! It's the most time consuming, frustrating challenge and I'll be glad when the closing date passes. I imagine we can't be the only ones struggling with Terrys' impossible features! This is a good Terry , but so was your other one. I totally understand that you weren't completely happy. I feel the same about mine. I've got to the point now where I can do a reasonable image of them without the photo! How sad is that! Roll on April when I can carry on painting without obsessing about these two!! Kind regards Louise

This is definitely a closer likeness to Terry, Mia, so well done for that as I know how hard it is! It is so strange how big a challenge painting from this small photo has proved to be. On my first attempt I think I re-did Terry's eyes about 15 times and then I threw paint all over the portrait in frustration. Goodness knows why Terry has one of those faces which is hard to capture, but he definitely has. Just do Fiona now and put them side by side and they will look great. 10 out of 10 for perservering!!

Yes it is a definite improvement, well done for persevering Mia.

Yes, you've got him! Very well done - you must have eyes like gimlets... because that photo was b.... hopeless; I even tried going on Terry's website to get a better look at him, but of course it didn't help: he's nicely brushed and suited in the wedding photo, his normal look is distinctly more informal.... I'd like to have a crack at him in the flesh - as it were. But I never, ever want to try painting him from a small photograph again: my eyes are still aching...

I do admire you, Mia for your perseverance. Agree with Thea and Rober with respect to the likeness, But both paintings are very good.

Well done Mia, you've got his likeness very well. I did the same as you and did a pencil sketch (not to submit to the competition) because it really bugged me - it was the shadow around his nose that threw me, not forgetting the 'teeth'! I think you should do one of Fiona and submit them both.

Thank you all very, very much. I really do appreciate your comments. Although I am still not entirely happy with the result, it was hard work. Because Fiona was rather good on my first attempt, now I am scared to put her next to Terry... so I don't know if I will do it and I don't want to enter this Terry portrait on its own. Two separate portraits are not the challenge of this competition!

What about sellotape?!!

You certainly got his smile Mia.

Thanks Louise (LOL) and Carole.

I completely missed this one, Mia! I think it's a better likeness, but it's so very hard to tell because the photo is a bear! But regardless of likeness, it is a superb drawing and will stand out among the best.

Hang on Studio Wall

This is not for the competition, but he continued challenging me. So I had another go in pencil. Do you think this is better? I don't know, so any comment is welcome.

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