Firstly, it looks already beautiful, so it's hard to give advice. I love your understated washes. The tree seems to me to lead your eye in, over to the cottage. Maybe something not too contrasting or attention grabbing in the water if you feel it's not quite right?

Looking good Mia Just a broken reflection in the water maybe.

Thank you very much for your suggestions, Colleen and Neil. After I painted it, I didn't realise there was no reflection at all. Your remarks just did put my attention to it. May be, I can put also some higher grasses in the foreground. But reflections are certainly the most important. Thank you!!!

It looks good to me Mia , If I were to suggest anything it would be to agree with your own thought of putting higher grasses in the foreground which should focus the eye on the tree more.

Thank you William, for your positive feedback. I think I wil make some grasses on scrap paper and see if they fit in or not . I see now too that reflections are absolutely necessary (not too much) otherwise it is not correct, isn't it?

Agree there should be "some" reflection. Tall grasses i the foreground.................I'm not sure about that. Could distract from the main subject - the cottage and foreground tree? The thing I love about your style is it is uncluttered and "simple". Would hate to see you go too far! Perhaps just a couple of tall bullrushes in the left corner to counter point the right hand tree? But what am I talking about?? This is wonderful as always.

Thank you for your positive comment, Tony. I didn't change anything yet. As you say, I am afraid to overdo it. Your suggestion is another idea I can keep in mind!

Hang on Studio Wall

Again a pen and wash with a large tree in it. I am asking myself: should I put something in the water to break up the emptiness or is this the way to put all the attention to the tree and plants in the foreground? Could you please give your opinions on that?

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