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You're making me smile ... and it's a good sketch Mia.

Love it, Mia. She and the cat are either deep in thought, or following the M1.

Watch where you’re going Mia. This is so fun and a charming painting with the touch of colour. keeps making me smile Mia! I like it with the touch of colour, perfect balance.

Really brings it alive so to speak, just one question, if she is dozing, do brooms have auto pilot ? lol nice one Mia

Thank you all very, very much for your positive comments. Yes, when it was finished, I saw that her hair should be flying in the wind but it was too late to change it! Better next time!

Very good and whimsical Mia !

Ha ha. Love it. I’m actually a descendant of one of the witches of Pendle so love ghis

Love this. Sorry

Thank you Richard, Maureen and Diana for your nice comments. Diana, how about a painting of your ancestors?

Riding a broom is surreal, so never mind the hair! It adds something to the image.

My ancestors weren’t so glamorous as to ride broomsticks or wear pointed hats 😂. I do have a broomstick though which comes out on Halloween

Thank you Gudrun and Diana for having a look at my work and posting nice comments.

Excellent, some wonderful little details

Thank you very much for your nice and positive comments Anjana and Ceri.

Hang on Studio Wall

Pen and wash. I decided to add some "limited" colour on my ink drawing posted yesterday. Artline 0,5 - Neutral Tint - size A4. All comments are as always very welcome. Is it better with colour or not? I think it is :) Mia

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