The song of Blankenberge

The song of Blankenberge

Ok I get something about Who does not know this .... beach on the coast and a poor fisherman in a hut behind the beach with his family? and something time forgot is called Blankenberg. Do please give a translation. Kronkelwegen is a lovely word. winding road?

Wow, you did very well, Diana. Thank you first of all for taking the time to comment on my work. Here is (my) onofficial translation: "Who does not know the little spot, situated on Flanders' coast, where before, there was nothing but bushes and winding paths. And where, in the dry and drifting sand, there was the humble hut, where behind the beach, the poor fisherman lived with his family. This little spot, in those days lonely and forgotten, is called Blankenberge". Diana, if you go to "", on the right side of the home-page, you can click on "Lied van Blankenberge". There you can see the whole song, illustrated by me. After making the above pen and wash and the calligraphy by Harrie Voet, I contacted the webmaster and said it was a pitty that the Hymn of our city was not on the web. Younger locals even don't know it exists. We learned it at school. I told him that was local heritage going lost forever. He agreed and asked me if I had any drawings or paintings about the city or sea to liven it up and I did. You can see the result there. With Harrie Voet (the calligrapher), we made different versions of the item and on one of my local exhibition, the Lord Mayor came to visit and decided the City Councel should buy one of them. So now, I can proudly say that our (Harrie and me) work is exhibited in the entrance of the Town Hall. PS: "Blankenberge" means "white mountains (=dunes)".

congratulations mia, first for yet another lovely piece of work but also for having sold it to the council and having it on display for all to see. you should feel very proud of yourself! well done.

Thank you very much, Shelley. Well, I must admit it gave us both (I was not the only one to make the work) a feel of satisfaction and indeed proud that it was seen as a part of our heritage "in danger". I have to give credit to my husband, because it was his idea to put the song on display!!!

Wow thank you Mia. I speak German, understand Norwegian and studied Latin and French. Between them all I can usually make a fair translation of most North and West European Languages. It's a lovely rhythmical hymn and the Calligraphy and painting is beautiful. It certainly is En Juweel van 't Land. What a great website. I love the houses on Breydelstraat .

Thank you, Diana, for taking the time to have a look at the website. I appreciate.

Thank you for your kind comments on my drawing, Mia. I enjoyed doing them but do not find painting so much fun - yet ! I always admire your delicate work when it appears in the gallery. I have followed all your links on this one with interest and, indeed passed the webref on to friends. I love your first portrait too. it is such fun seeing all the different interpretations of the wedding picture that I am tempted to have a go myself.

Thank you very much, Sian, for your lovely comment on my work.

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This is a combination of my pen and wash and calligraphy by Harrie Voet. The song is a "Hymn of Blankenberge", composed in the late 1890 and we sing it on every local celebration. More info about our painting-calligraphy collaboration : see my Blog "Mia Ketels" and Harrie's website "" - galerie VI - kalligrafie in aquarellen.

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