New challenge?

New challenge?

I like this very much

This is lovely, Mia (how are you by the way?). Some of us on the gallery have been doing some paintings by blowing the paint, very much in the Chinese style, and this one reminds me of them. Did you blow the paint or did you do it by some other method? However, you did it, it is very delicate and beautiful.

This is quite lovely , Mia. The touches of red are just right.

Minimumistically ......! beautiful.

You challenging us Mia? I might have a go, but not painting at moment, too much other stuff on. This is a smashing work.

Very striking Mia.

Thank you all so very much for your lovely comments. I do appreciate!<br />Thea, it is because I saw the paintings in the Gallery made by blowing, that I remembered that I had something like this in my archives (made a long time ago!!!). The tree shape was painted very wet using diluted Indian ink, immediately going in with a brush and then darkened here and there when dry. And yes I used a straw to blow the fine branches. The red flowers were added afterwords for a coloured touch.<br />Yes Derek you can see it as a challenge if you like, but I would prefer you don&#39;t make just some abstract work. Looking for some form in it and maybe adding some pen work for some details or improvement?<br />I am not painting for the moment, still having problems sitting down for a longer time (give me a new back!!!). AND I am very often struggling with the new POL-site!!!!<br />All the best to you all :) Mia

Love this Japanese style - Nice to see you back on the gallery Mia and hope your back improves very soon!

Lovely to see something from you on gallery Mia, I do hope your back problen improves. This is beautiful and elegant and a perfect example.

Good to see you here Mia and this is a truly lovely painting!

Thank you very much Gudrun, Debs, Fiona and Satu for your positive comments. It is very nice to be in contact with you all again. Sorry for not commenting on your own works but I still have a bit of back-problems. I have a look at the POL-site several times a day on my iPad and am still following you on the Gallery. :) Mia

Lovely to see your post, Mia! And a lovely piece - a combination of strength and delicacy, power and elegance. Beautifully done!

Thanks Seok, I really do appreciate all comments coming from you.

This is gorgeous. Lovely seeing the pressure of the brush varying and visible in the rendering of the work.

Thank you very much for your lovely comment Ingrid.

Hang on Studio Wall

Is this a new challenge? I found this in my archive map. It was the beginning of my interest in Japanese calligraphic painting while being at art school in the early sixties. Less is more? All comments very welcome :) Mia

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