Marie Laforet

Marie Laforet

Beautifull composition.I like the hint of 'naughtyness" in her expression

A lovely portrait Mia and I remember her well ...... we're the same generation! You didn't dream yesterday! , I did in fact delete my painting as I didn't like it once on the gallery!

Thank you for taking the time to comment on my portrait. Portraits are new to me. I usually draw and paint landscapes or flowers but my grand-daughter Laure (the other portrait in this gallery) asked me so nicely if I could paint or draw her portrait, so it was a real challenge: I couldn't say "no" to her. Then I saw a picture of Marie Laforet, and my youth came back... Her eyes are so beautiful (in my opinion) that I couldn't resist. Avril, that painting yesterday was so beautiful and well done!!!

Thank you very much, Carole.I find it very difficult, because in a landscape, you can change things without problems. But... a portrait has to be correct. I think I will take up the challenge and try to do more portraits, even from photographs. The most important is the proportions!!!

I hope you do more portraits Mia I liked Laure's portrait very much and this one is lovely, I don't remember the lady but I would have liked to have met her, perhaps its the 'noughty'

Thanks William, for your lovely comment. At home, during the early sixties, I grew up watching the French television, speaking French frequently, singing all the French "chansons". I knew and admired all the French actors and singers and she was one of them (cfr Avril's comment). Nowadays young people know all the English or American stars and French is out of fashion.

Thank you so much for your comment on my Blog Mia, OCA- Open College of the Arts. I did Painting 1 which is the final course of 3 in the first year of a BA Hons Degree in Painting. Was expected to paint purely in oils and acrylics, VERY large and in totally new styles as well as lots of Art History and Theory. Loved the History part but so glad to get back to my watercolours.

Hang on Studio Wall

This is a pencil drawing of one of my teenage idols (during the sixties). Marie Laforet is a French actrice and singer. She was called "the girl with the golden eyes" (la fille aux yeux d'or). As a teenager, I loved her films and songs and I found her very beautiful and tried to copy her. I even imitated her eye-make-up, but hers was better!!!!

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