A little snack


Nice way to check !

Like this marjorie, it combines your regular style with some good loose brush work. Very tasty, pun intended lol.

Lovely oil Marjorie, I’ve not posted anything yet, I’m not convinced it’s that improved!

Thanks John and Alan - at the moment there are lots I prefer about the old site....it's a wait and see game.

Like it Marjorie!

I've just helped myself to a strawberry trifle from the fridge. It's your fault, Marjorie. Beautifully impressionistic and great china. Bri

A good painting to test it with...those strawberry's look yummy. I started fairly optimistic about the new website, then my optimism fell off a cliff when people started posting 10 then 20 pics for sale. Still have doubts, even with 4 a day. Nothing wrong with wanting to sell your work, of course. But it's a very cheap way to do it, and once the word gets out....hmm. But after all the shenanigans the gallery looks fairly normal today.

Lovely Marjorie. Have been away from the site for a while so finding things a little awkward but maybe it’s the fact that change is less welcome after all this time.

That’s a smashing still life Marjorie, a bowl of jewels.

Lovely still life painting Marjorie.

Lovely painting, Marjorie.

I am also feeling my way on this site after holidays - but, as always, love your work, Marjorie

Lovely to hear from friends again! Thanks for the comments😊

Beautiful Marjorie 👍🏻

Wonderful colour and so juicy Marjorie!

Thanks, Rachel and Carole!

Lovely work as always Marjorie

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on board. This was just to check the new system.

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Still Life, seascapes and portraits are my favourite subjects. I paint whatever takes my fancy, am self-taught and, from time to time, attend short courses. I paint in a variety of media, oils are my favourite. In Feb 2017 I was the winner of the Greatart monthly competition " Still Life" with…

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