Cold Land. black and white pastels on watercolour paper.

Cold Land. black and white pastels on watercolour paper.

Love it Malcolm wonderful range of techniques

You've got the tones right Malcolm, now get those zingy colours going!

Thank you Marjorie and Dennis I appreciate your comments

Wow it's Gorgeous Malcolm :)

Totally agree wonderful

Thank you so much Maria and Ruthy glad you like it.

Dramatic and powerful image, Malcolm. Very nicely done.

Thank you Seok much appreciated.

Good for you Malcolm! I really love limited colour sketches, paintings...whatever. This is a really striking piece.

Thanks a lot Fiona, in more ways than one :)))

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This is another fresh out of the 'block' and something new for me, I do not useually use pastels even though I have had this box for a while. The subject is simply based on the many mountain landscapes I have seen and I really did it to continue on from the kick that Fiona gave me of trying something new, in this case Pastels.

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I have always loved the outdoors and have climbed and walked in various places in the world, after giving numerous slide shows and talks about my trips to raise money for charity, i realised the slides and photos did not do what i saw justice, so I decided to start trying to paint. I am self taught…

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