Where once there was life 3. 7" x 9"


Like this a lot malcolm

Thank you so much for that Heather, very much appreciated.

This is again super, Malcolm. Very atmospheric!

Thank you very much for that lovely observation Mia, I appreciate your looking and commenting on my work.

Malcolm, I think that extra push and perseverance has paid off. Like this a lot, all the elements of being underwater and viewing Derbyshires Atlantis. I remember going there a lot when I was a young lass and listening to my father tell me the story of the village under the Dam. Well done!

Thank you so much Fiona that means a lot there were actually two villages drowned in the making of this reservoir I am not sure if the other was called Ashton, I would need to check that, it was really strange to see the walls and old pump house during the big drought some years ago with people actually walking along the old lane and builds.

Love this place Malcolm and your representation of it, beautifully done. One of my favourite haunts :)

I think the other village was Ashopton wasn't it Malcolm? Not sure.

Thank you very much for your comment Carole and for the extra info about the second village saves me checking thanks for that much appreciated and yes the area around there is great I use to take groups walking up there at one time.

I'll hopefully be walking around there again in October when I stay in Castleton, if no lockdown :(

Lucky you Carole, I have been shielded for months now and with numbers rising am in no hurry to get out there yet.

It’s worth the effort. No one ever reaches perfection but if it feels right to you then you’ve got it right. I know the area - above the surface, of course.

Hang on Studio Wall

The last redo of this painting of an image of the drowned village of Derwent under the Ladybower reservoir, I have tried to go back to more of the original format of my trial piece and I feel happier about this that the previous ones, this is definitely the LAST ONE. :))

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I have always loved the outdoors and have climbed and walked in various places in the world, after giving numerous slide shows and talks about my trips to raise money for charity, i realised the slides and photos did not do what i saw justice, so I decided to start trying to paint. I am self taught…

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