Streetwise (stippled in ink)

Streetwise (stippled in ink)

Great portrait and what patience you must have.

Great portrait, Marilyn, stunning result and patience.

Fantastic, Marilyn. Incidentally, Chris Gascogne is still in Coronation St.

Quite remarkable. The likeness is extraordinary in its accuracy and absolute believability. This guy looks as though he's really thinking. Wonderful! Brian

Thank you Brian - really appreciate your comments.

Never heard of the actor either. In fact - my Dad stopped watching Coronation Street in 1960-something because he said it was rubbish, so surprised it's still n existence. Superb picture. I would not have the patience to take on that amount of stippling.

Thank you so much Alan - I was actually unaware he was an actor at all when I did this work, just liked the face.

Gosh! this is another cracker, Marilyn, what patience you must have. your attention to detail is superb...can you lend me some!!!lol!

Thank you Thalia. Trouble is I like the effect of pointillism but not the process so don’t know if I can repeat it.

I know this is my second visit but for those who don't know, he plays Peter Barlow in Corry. He also starred in Murdoch Mysteries as a guest star, amongst other things. This is Peter to a T. Brian

Thanks very much for the info Brian - much appreciated.

Wow Marilyn this is wonderful, you must have tons of patience!

Amazing...superb work!

Amazing portrait !!

Thank you so much Margaret, Sylvia and Audrey.

It makes a great portrait - sometimes good to be patient, probably wouldn't suit me!

Thank you so much Maureen - I agree definitely not for everybody and maybe not even for me on a regular basis.

brilliant :-)

Wow Marilyn, patience alone would not produce this, you have shown great skill in the accuracy of this convincing portrait, and I don’t mean as regards likeness because I no longer watch Corrie! I mean that your faces are technically excellent which doesn’t always happen because the likeness takes over! Am I waffling? Only because it’s so good!

Think I know what you’re saying Tessa and I really appreciate the compliment!

Absolutely wonderful. I like everything about it and you have such patience!

This stippling technique gives a very subtle result. You make it work really well.

Posted on Sat 05 May 19:22:48

Magnificent, Marilyn!

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No, this is not Al Pacino, although he does look very similar. It is actually a pointillism portrait of an actor named Chris Gascoyne, who I am informed, acted in Coronation Street - I hasten to add I am not a devotee of this soap but simply liked the face and expression and drew the image in Faber Castell PITT pens in thousands of tiny dots - phew!!!

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