Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat

This is stunning, Marilyn.Love that fur texture, especially how you have caught the courser fur under the chin.

Many thanks Dawn for your lovely comment. I’m new to this site so hope I am responding correctly. Please let me know if not.

This is Beyond Spectacular Work!

Thank you Skylar for your lovely comment!

These are three fantastic watercolours Marilyn, beautifully done 😁

I think your work is absolutely stunning. I'm amazed it's you use masking for your whites?

Hi Lewis - No I don’t use masking tape for very thin whiskers, I either use white gouache and a size 0 brush or a Mitsubishi Signa white gel pen. As I am new to this site please could you let me know if you have received this comment so that I can ensure I’m responding correctly to people’s comments?

Thanks for the info, Marilyn. Clearly, you've responded correctly. I'm new to the site, too. This is day one for me, so I'm blundering about finding my way.

Wonderful painting of this gorgeous cat. Great expression. They're a most attractive cat breed.

You're responding just fine Marilyn. While you receive an auto alert each time someone comments on your work, the person commenting doesn't get alerted to your reply. It is up to him/her to open up your painting to see your reply, if they wish. It is very nice that you do reply, as some people don't bother. A lot do of course.

Amazing cat portrait, Marilyn. I thank you for sharing your knowledge and your tecnique on watercolours. You are so skilled that we can improve in our paintings only seeing at your wonderful watercolours.

I have a Norwegian Forest cat and you’ve got the characteristics spot on. Being a watercolour artist myself,I am amazed at the way you’ve used it to produce such incredible realism.

Very detailed painting welcome to painters online

Absolutely stunning!

Absolutely amazing work Marilyn. Your detail is fantastic!!

Fabulous Diana, I would love a Norwegian Forest cat - We did have two Siberians once!

Your work really is stunning.

Fabulous painting. I went through your gallery of paintings last night and was so pleased that I did. Wonderful collection but this has to be my favourite. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you so much Tony for your lovely comments on my work.

Absolutely astonishing!

Hang on Studio Wall

My attempt at stretching detailed watercolour to its limits.

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