Fashionista in Training (stippling (dots))

Fashionista in Training (stippling (dots))

Gosh it must have taken ages, but very effective.

It did Maureen but I’m so glad you think it was effective -Many thanks.

This turned out Spectacularly well! (now you know why there aren't a lot of "Pointillists" around)

Excellent, what fun! I believe you can get mechanical dotting pens...........

Marvelous work.

Beautiful. Marilyn.

It was definitely worth it but it must have taken you quite a while to finish it. I admire your work.

Posted on Sat 07 Apr 09:33:15

Oh my word ....fabulous but is too short :)

I admire your skill and patience, Marilyn, this one is very great.

Wow Marilyn - what a stunner (picture and little girl!). Well done for trying something different but I can understand it took forever!

Absolutely stunning, and what patience you must have. Hope you've recovered your equilibrium after such an exacting exercise!! Beautiful work, Marilyn!

This is terrific. Guess a lot of patience is required !

Thank you Skylar - Yes, I definitely take your point!

Thank you Sarah, Lewis, Seth and Ibolya!

Thank you so much Thalia and Richard!

Wow Marilyn, this must have taken an age to do! It is very effective though and what a gorgeous child she is. Well done indeed for having the patience and the skill to complete it!

Good grief! You must have had RSI by the time you’d finished. Very impressive result though I can see why you might not want to repeat the exercise just yet. Beautiful

Thank you so much Diana - strangely I came out of it unscathed!

Hang on Studio Wall

This piece was done exclusively in pen and ink dots and literally drove me “dotty”! It was worth a try but life is too short I think to repeat the exercise!

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