I love this loose style, Margaret.

A rather delicately draw arrangement Margaret, very impressive.

Beautifully drawn Margaret.

Pretty colours as well Margaret.

Apart from the position, this has turned out beautifully, Margaret. Lovely light use of ink that doesn't overpower the subject. Nice work

A lovely delicate, flower arrangement Margaret.

I like the pen and wash Margaret, it's got a lovely delicate touch to it 😀

Thank you all for your lovely comments :)

You've made a fabulous job of 'the rescue' it looks lovely and fresh, well done.

Posted by C Jones on Sat 20 Oct 08:56:18

Thanks CA :) I'm not very good at straight watercolours - it was a bit wishy washy before I added the pen.

Hang on Studio Wall

Tried to rescue a rather unsuccessful watercolour with pens. Large for me - 20" x 16" NOT Langton paper. Too close to the bottom of the paper.

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