Davaar Island

Davaar Island

Lovely loose work Margaret. I like its sparseness.

Love the freshness and excitement contained in this painting

Love this Margaret.... beautifully painted ...

I like the wildness, if that's a word. I want to paint more loosely. I've just learned from this painting: start with an imprecise horizon and that allows freedom with the other elements. I saw some prints of work by Clare Mitchell when I was in Barra last week. Beautiful, powerful and painterly. I'll have a go. Thank you.

Really like this Margaret.

Love the bold, simplicity of this with such limited brushstrokes. Great work Margaret.

Thank you David, Jill and Diana :)

Thank you Roger - glad it has inspired you! :)

Thank you Dennis, Heather, Carole, and Jennifer. :)

Thank you for your comment. I sent a reply but on my page forgetting that you won't get a notification; this isn't Facebook!

I've seen your reply Roger thank you - yes, I get confused too with all the different things I'm on! Thank you Russell :)

Hang on Studio Wall

Inspired (fairly loosely) by one of my own photos of Davaar Island, Campbeltown. Acrylic on a Jacksons board.

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