Roag, Isle of Skye

Roag, Isle of Skye

Lovely sky and beautiful colours. Very good painting Margaret well worth finishing!

Thanks for posting this>

I think this is much better than you give it credit for, Margaret. The sky, colours and contours are great. You could leave this as is, or you could finish with a flourish. This has mood and a sense of place, which is something many of us find appealing. IE the general public. very nice. Brian

Great colours Margaret, glad you finished it.

Lovely colours, Margaret.

Just ready made canvas...are there any other!

Thank you all for your comments - much appreciated. Thalia - don't know where that canvas came from but I got some from LIDL!

Hang on Studio Wall

This is an acrylic painting I did from my own photo(s). This was started at home years ago - I got stuck then finished it early last year in art class. Haven't done much acrylic since - just started again recently. On canvas (but a cheap ready-made one).

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