Sketching every day - Day1 - dog

Sketching every day - Day1 - dog

I immediately recognised this as one of yours, Margaret. A beauty!

Good work Margaret, so expressive with few lines and strokes.

I like your sketch , lovely and alive.

It’s a great start for the challenge Margaret! We all should do it but I know that I would last less than a week.

You've caught him beautifully. Good luck with the challenge!

Well done Margaret. There is an article in the current edition of LP by Steve Strode where he gives ideas to try out for a whole month. It's rather interesting and inspiring.

A lovely new year resolution.. Off to a great start. All the best for 2019

Great idea if you can keep it up Margaret, I love these quick sketches, I think you get more of the dogs character 😀

Great little sketch Margaret. It has a lovely immediacy.

A lovely piece, Margaret. You've captured the spunkiness of this little fellow and the lines and wash are loose and lively, bringing much vitality to the piece.

Thank you Cesare, Annick, and Satu :) Satu, I've tried this the last couple of years - never lasted much past January! Hoping I can manage that long this year. I chose "sketching" rather than painting - can get off with a tiny wee drawing if necessary.

Thank you Emma and Alan :) Alan, after reading your comment this morning, I went and bought the LP and look forward to reading that article - thanks for raising it (I would have bought it sometime this month but better earlier than later!). Thank you Tony, Linda and Dennis :)

Thank you Carole :) Thank you Seok :) He is a young dog and very lively! This is done from a photo as he doesn't stay still.

This is lovely, and what a challenge! I did think of it myself but already a day down so I’ll leave it in your capable hands Margaret! 😃

Thank you Tessa! :) You could always start today and do two - one for yesterday. I'm hoping somebody else is going to do this too!

Margaret, you've captured a lovely expression here. (Good luck with the daily sketching, it's something I'm sure more of us should try to do!)

Brilliant sketch Margaret! What a great idea, I would be hopeless at keeping it up every day, I shall be watching your work to see how you progress.

Thank you Jenny and Margaret :) It will be a bit embarrassing if I don't get very far!

I just love how you get so much information with so little detail. I really can't do what you do. You have a serious talent for this. I'm rather envious.

He certainly looks very cute.

Thank you very much, Jennifer :) Sandra, he was! :)

Great start for the New Year Margaret. Looking forward to the rest.

Hang on Studio Wall

Going to attempt to do one sketch/painting per day (last year I think I managed to the end of January! will see if I can get to the end of the week at least!) The dog of a daughter of friends - he is very cute. Watercolour wash, artist pen and a small amount white gouache, on A4 HP.

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