a bit more digital fun!

a bit more digital fun!

I like digital art, though I don't do much now. It's fun, and there's nothing to clear up afterwards. So you keep enjoying it, Margaret. This is a pleasing image. Some things it does really well, imagine trying to reproduce that flat even red in paint...I don't think I could do it.

Thanks Lewis. Yes, it certainly is good for certain stuff - I did quite a bit a few years ago until the tablet died - fortunately I had backed up the best stuff. I mostly use it as another drawing tool rather than for painting. Also it is good fun :) This was just a doodle!

Yes, very cheerful Margaret. I must have a go at digital art.

Simple but so effective 😀

Love the red, shows up the little vase Margaret

I like it Margaret! I have tried digital but I can't seem to get the hang of it and can't control it enough for me. The best digital artist I've seen on here is Skylar, he does some great work.

Thank you Jennifer :) I think you would enjoy digital art - I like it for graphics-type drawings. Thank you Linda :) Thank you Carole - I felt like something nice and cheerful! :) Thank you Margaret :) I've not done much digital work - I have done some on a tablet (was useless on my phone) with a programme called "Sketchbook Pro". This was done using a graphics tablet connected to my laptop - the drawing software on my laptop iis pretty basic though - just Microsoft Paint that came bundled with the laptop. Yes, I agree, Skylar's work is very good - I always like seeing his paintings. Have seen some very good stuff on Flickr as well. I'm at a very basic level.

So effective and cheerful!

Like it Margaret, I’m useless at digital. Must say though it can come in when I am out and about and don’t have any sketching stuff with me, I use my phone for a general idea.

Love this Margaret....

Thank you Fiona :) Good for you using your phone as an emergency sketch book - haven't done that (yet!) though I do use it as an emergency notepad - usually for listing birds/plants. I have the Sketchbook Pro app on my phone but although it is very good on tablet it is a bit glitchy on the phone.

Simple but very effective Margaret! Definitely a case of less is more.

I like this very much Margaret, it would make a lovely card.

It is simple , effective and charming, Margaret.

Thank you Fran, Satu and Annick :) Satu, that is a good idea - might do that.

Hang on Studio Wall

Started using my Huion graphics tablet - great for playing around. (I'm still mostly doing real world drawing etc - will only occasionally post digital stuff). I thought this was quite cheerful!

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