had a problem thinking up one - so it is " Trees" and I'll leaf it at that

DSC_0002 (3)

Excellent work Mike, and good to read about the technique. I really must try masking fluid again. Used it eons ago and couldn't get on with it, maybe it's better now.

Interesting Mike and a very good result

An interesting technique, looks impressive.

Really well painted Mike , I used masking fluid ages ago and liked it but fir some reason stop, when you see good results it makes you think again.

I shall not bore everyone again with the sad tale of masking fluid and my ruined corduroy trousers, but I continue to loathe the stuff; those trousers were comfortable... But - it's worked here, with this interesting technique in gouache. There is just this niggle at the back of my mind: wouldn't it have been much easier in acrylic...?

Trees is a great title for a great painting. I can understand your thoughts re masking fluid!

My thanks for the encouragement - always greatly appreciated - adds to the enjoyment of "doing" the painting in the first place

Hang on Studio Wall

this is gouache on black paper. The vegetation was painted in with masking fluid then overpainted with the gouache to obtain the sky effect. Once dry , the masking fluid was removed and whilst the fore ground and right hand tree have been emphasised with ink , the remainder are just the black paper with a bit of attention to the foliage.

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