Omatane "barn" in line and wash

Omatane "barn" in line and wash

Excellent barn Mike. Great textures in tin roof & timber walls.

A lovely study Mike great lights and darks with plenty of texture.

thanks to all for the kind comments - I enjoy this work and the matchstick is better than the pen for getting that texture.

Good drawing and colour work

There's pleasure in ruins and you paint them very well, nice picture all.

Beautiful work, Mike.

You have caught the lovely old feel of this old building so well Mike. You have mastered the use of the matchstick much better then I have!

my thanks again , to you all , for your kind comments. I reckon it is my age responding to the ancient and decrepit - like to like ??. I do enjoy line and wash work and even more so now having been shown the benefits of that matchstick. I use the big ones cut to 45 degree angle - or thereabouts - and it does give a wide range of marks. I insert the matchstick into an appropriate length of bamboo so it does become more a brush or pen instrument.

Lovely painting.

Hang on Studio Wall

so many old houses end up as barns, work shops , hay storage etc. There is a lack off permanence which adds to their attraction - one nnever knows if they will be there next time around.

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