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Wonderful painting. So sad it's on the endangered list and to be found in the wet markets in China which is unforgiveable.

Quite a challenge for you Sheelagh but it has worked well. Thanks for the fascinating background information.

Thanks both for your comments. Yes Heather, unforgivable is not strong enough in my mind, but we can life in hope they survive. And Carole, you are welcome - I was going to count the scales, but gave up in the end!

Extraordinary subject Shelagh but one close to your heart. You have captured the slow ambling of this creature so well. The textures and limited colour palette are just perfect!

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To me, this usual creature is quite a beauty. So of course, being an avid lover of animals I just had to paint this Pangolin on patrol for a bite to eat in Africa. It was as interesting to paint as it is in itself and who'da thought its tongue can be up to 40cm in length - that's 16" in old money.

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