I am afraid I haven't the patience for detail so I really admire this however you achieved it - duper pattern.

Does vintage mean the 70es? I remember that we had in one house wallpapers very similar to your painting. As I said in my previous comment, it has got that "retro" feeling which is very popular at the moment.

Another lovely design with great combination of colours

Many thanks Michael, Satu and Petra. Satu, when I say vintage, I mean that I painted this some time ago! I'd rather not say exactly when, but you're close :)

I think we all go thr'u the stages of looking back at our work and wondering how we had the patience to do it, the designs good and I know just what it takes to do the repeat pattern, so well done you!

Thanks William, on the downside though, I do wonder where the years have gone!

This is very late 70's - early 80's in feel. I remember orange featuring heavily in interior design. This is a very retro design and these designs are all coming back in if Boden and White Stuff clothes are anything to go by. I do admire you ability to think up designs that are so coherent and satisfying to look at. Great work!

Thanks Thea, I'll say 80's then !

I agree with the above comments, Louise. In my memory it is more 60's!! Beautiful design and colours!

Mia, I was but a small child then so I couldn't possibly remember! :) Thanks for your kind words, I think :)

A vibrant and joyously lovely piece. Well done, Louise!

Hang on Studio Wall

(vintage) gouache 60 cm x 40 cm. I'm not sure that I could produce designs like this nowadays! I no longer have the patience, time or eyesight! I've worked out the repeat pattern on this one as well! Don't ask me how I did that......... :)

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