girls night out

girls night out

Wow! this is great, fun and great colours

What a complete change of subjects, Louise. You can paint and draw anything, it will always be beautiful and well done.

Oh ! Louise if thirty odd years would fall away I could really party with these young ladies : ) Nice one Louise.

Such a fun piece, Louise! I could just see you having your own clothing line!

Many thanks Petra, Mia, Kirstie, William and Seok ! ... William, they don't look very approachable though do they ? :}

Louise, I skipped straight past this's so different. Mia is right you can turn your hand to anyhting and it always looks great! You're so talented.

Which one is you then ??!! Lots of attitude and posturing going on in this delightful painting. I like the girls all in a row, all dressed very differently and clearly not going to accept anyone else other than Prince William as an escort. Great fun.

Thanks Thea, I wish !

A fun painting, I like it.

Hang on Studio Wall

watercolour 45 cm x 45 cm

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