Dale Street Locks

Dale Street Locks

You're branching out - and I like the results you're getting with these new pieces. This sort of thing can be all the better for being painted quickly, and I like the way you've gone straight in with a strong red and then not fiddled about (not that you usually do fiddle about, I hasten to say).

This is different from the work I usually see of yours.There is a strong linear element to it, and it is expressive and atmotspheric.Like it very much

Thank you Robert and David. One good thing about doing a quick sketchy painting like this one is that it can cure the 'artist's block' which we all experience at times. I went straight in with the brush as you've probably guessed! It didn't matter to me had it not worked out as I now have the next painting in mind. Robert, I'll try not to fiddle too much :)

Now this is different and I really admire the result - you must post some more

very different for you as Michael said, but very effective!

Strong and effective. This caught my eye immediately. Am I correct that this is a canal? (Again, perhaps showing my ignorance of places!). It is as has been said, the strong lines and the red.

Like this one - very much -- I seem to think you did work in this style a while ago -- maybe its my old mind

Thanks Michael, Debs, Gudrun and Charles. Yes, Gudrun, it is a canal and although I am a Mancunian, I'm not sure which one! Charles darling, nothing wrong with your memory then is there?! I've painted this scene a few times from a photo that my daughter took when doing her geography coursework! As this was 15 years ago, the places have probably changed a lot. I really should get out in to town with a camera. In fact, I've just decided, I will! No outdoor painting for me though :)

This has the WOW factor in my book Louise! Strong Bold & In Your Face! LOVE IT! X

Great sketch Louise, love the colours

Really different and really interesting. The thing that strikes me is that because the painting has an impressionistic feel to it, but still retains real definition, this makes your eye rove about trying to make sense of what is going on, which exactly what your viewer to experience. The red and black makes your view bounce back and forward in an exciting way. There are also many different shapes to appreciate. All in all I think this is a super painting done in a bold and confident style and I think what is says about you is that this lady has TALENT!

It's a terrific sketch Louise, I agree with james, 'it's in your face' impact!

A real attention grabber! Like it a lot

Many thanks James, Petra, Thea, Fiona and Paul for your kind words.!

They have said it all but I just wanted to give my support too. A great sketch!!

A lovely study, Louise, full of spontaneity and joie de vivre. Love it!

Thank you Satu and Seok.

Well done you for having this painting chosen to head up the gallery page this month. It is a super painting and I shall look forward to seeing it every time I log on in July.

I missed this one Louise, fantastic colours and brush-strokes. Well done on being chosen for the July gallery;0)

Thanks Thea, Kirstie and Carole. I am rather pleased (well, delighted) but will try not to let it go to my head Kirstie (lol) Also, I hope that you don't get too tired of seeing it on the gallery page day after day. ( You might, but I won't!)

Many congratulations Louise for being chosen for July's top ten. Very well deserved.

Many congratulations Louise, this painting really deserves its place on the gallery :)

Congratulations Louise, well deserved.

Super to see this in the gallery, it works brilliantly

Thanks Fiona, Glennis, Petra and Lesley. :)

Congratulations Louise! This is so much reminiscent of Manchester for me! Like the style, it is entirely right for your subject, and interesting to note how quickly you painted it.

Excellent stuff Louise, lovely bold blocks of colour. best Mick

Hang on Studio Wall

Rather a quick (rushed!) watercolour sketch painted today. I tried to capture the atmosphere of a grey Manchester day! 35 cm x 25 cm

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