The Lone Ranger!

The Lone Ranger!

Lucky fan to get this Louise, it's brilliant!

I recognised this straight away as one of your paintings Louise although the subject was something of a surprise! I'm sure the recipient will be delighted.

Thank you Satu and Christine. I had to do some research on these two Christine. Too many mistakes with their outfits would have been noticed!

Dum dr um dur dum dum dum or something thing like that. Smashing Louise

Looks good to me Kemo Sabe - I can even hear Rossini's William Tell somewhere in the background.

Some things we don't forget do we? I'm now humming Derek's 'Dum dr um' version of the theme tune. Thank you Derek and Michael, Kemo Sabe...whatever next. LOL

Racking my memory banks for the kemo sabe bit (thanks Michael). An excellent and I might add accurate portrayal of this legendary pair.

We sing it at home when my wife cooks one of her Burmese curries: Poppadom. poppadom. poppodom , dom, dom, poppadom, poppodom, poppodom dom, dom. I wonder if Tonto eats curry?

LOL Michael, our poppadoms will never be the same! Thanks Andre, if my memory serves me right, the Lone Ranger called his sidekick Tonto 'Kemo Sabe', meaning close friend.

That takes me back Louise :) Love it.

Love it Louise. Brings back memories!

Hang on Studio Wall

Decided against it being a 'guess who' as I think it's obvious! Painted as a gift for a fan of the Lone Ranger.

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