Like this, Louise. Striking, vivid and up lifting. Good textile-type design here.

There is something very refreshing about white flowers - so jolly and cheerful. When you combine them with lovely darks and vibrant blues and purples they become even more special. A lovely painting, full of life and light.

With the preponderance of blue I didn't realise this was one of yours at first Louise - but just as good as ever - super composition.

Lovely painting Louise

love this ...john

You're starting the new year with a bang, Louise! Another fabulous painting heralding the start of 2012 - there's a lot to hold the eye, yet never detracting from the superb composition and thoughtfully chosen colors. It's beautiful.

Many thanks Ruth, Thea, Michael, Petra, John and Seok. Your comments are appreciated!

Lots of impact and you have a lovely painting style.

Blue and white, wonderful combination.

Thank you Lesley and Carole!

Hang on Studio Wall

watercolour 20 cm x 28 cm

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