table and vase 2.

table and vase 2.

Again you have created a very beautiful picture.

What a wonderful progression from the 30 minute challenge, well done!

Beautiful abstract watercolour Louise

Great painting Louise, now you've got me flumoxed, can't decide between the two of them:)

Many thanks Jane, Lesley, Petra and Val. Hopefully I'll sleep better now, this subject has rather been on my mind recently! I'm cheered by your comments and now think that I'll lay the table to rest....

I'd be happy with this if I'd done it, Louise! It's a lovely piece, very vibrant and lively, with super composition and palette.

I don't think the size of the painting has detracted anything from the quality of the painting Louise. I love the dark right hand corner.

Thanks Seok and Fiona! Fiona, my favourite part of the painting also. It actually went dark because the original wash was a mess! I painted over with the dark colours so was relieved when it worked. Watercolours can be such a pain :)

This is my preference - superb work Louise

Yes, they are right, Louise, this is great! Love it!

Really interesting to see how your ideas for this one evolved from that 1st 30 minute painting, - well done!

This is beautifully balanced painting. The colours are clear and defined and the shapes, with all the curves of the objects, are very complimentary to each other. I liked your first looser version, but I think this one gets my vote for sheer impact. What's the final title going to be?

Thanks Mia, Michael, Debs and Thea!.. Debs, if it hadn't been for the 30 min challenge idea and for the encouraging comments that I received on this site, I might never have attempted this subject. I am grateful to you all! .. Thea, I haven't a clue. I can paint them but my mind draws a blank when thinking up appropriate titles. I know that this is rather a big hint (lol)

I do like this new way your work is going. Each painting is brilliant. I'm jealous :)

I love it too. Thank you for commenting on my two paintings I really appreciate it.

Louise - the title 'Bric A Brac' came straight into my mind when I saw your painting. It reminded me of the interesting things on view in a auction sale room. Probably not what you had in mind, but you know me - these ideas just pop into my head. I usually have the title of my paintings in my head well before I have finished them - have less trouble with the titles than the paintings lol!

How about 'Another twist' for a title Louise.

A lovely painting Louise it has an abstract feel to it, great colours

Many thanks Sarah, Pamela, Thea, Fiona and Glennis. Also, thanks to Fiona and Thea for coming up with two good titles!

You should be happy with it Louise, very good painting.

Thanks Carole, thanks to the encouraging comments on the 30 minute paintings, I feel that I got there in the end :)

Very striking still Life.Brilliant

A superb watercolour Louise! You can be very proud of yourself, I love it!

Many thanks David and Satu.

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour 50 cm x 40 cm. Working from the sketch that I posted earlier in the week, I painted this much larger version! Because of it's size, any spontaneity and looseness has been lost. When working on a larger painting, I find it hard not to be neat ( I get worried that I might ruin it!) but overall, I'm reasonably happy with the finished painting for once :)

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