Thomas St M/C

Thomas St M/C

Beautiful 'less is more', Louise. I like the warm limited colour.

Good old Thomas Street, always something different to show us Louise! In this one I especially like the shadow that runs in the middle. Great composition!

Could only be a ' Louise' - love your style

I'll be known as 'Louise of Thomas street' soon .. which actually sounds rather dodgy when I think about it Michael!... LOL.

Wonderful economy of lines, but nothing is missing from this city scene.

Many thanks Mia, Satu and Thea, comments always appreciated!

Love the granulating washes Louise. I think you should change your venue Louise! ;o))

Thank you Gudrun and LOL Carole, I know, or I could just add the words 'revisited again and again'....

Your simplified shapes and wet loose washes always work so well Louise especially in these Manchester street scenes.

An extremely well composed and beautiful painting - I am liking how you are allowing the paint to paint itself in some areas such as the back run at the bottom left. I think simple shapes allow for some of the beauty of watercolour to speak for itself - It is very hard not to succumb to the temptation of adding too much details which can to some degree kill a painting (I am guilty of this). I am learning that if you keep painting over watercolour too much it mixes up the paint on the paper so that the pigment all starts to look muddy, bland, an not fresh. Joseph Zbukvic in one of his films said something quite interesting - if the watercolour paint goes there or does that then leave it as that is what it wanted to do. For me I think he is saying work with the watercolour - not against it - respect it's unique quality and spirit and it will remain lively and fresh.

Thank you Val and Joseph, I missed your comments, thanks! Interesting words about the qualities of watercolour. It does seem to have a mind of it's own. It always surprises me how different it looks once the paint has settled and dried.

Hang on Studio Wall

watercolour 23 cm x 16 cm

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