Another coffee break!


Well described Louise, I always struggle with cafe scenes.

Tells the story beautifully and proportionally Louise.Nice work.

Thanks Stephen and Jim. So many cafes, bars and restaurants these days on the high street!

Brilliant Louise!

Ah thanks Alan. Just made a home!

I like your use of white lines/outlines Louise. Are you using a white pen or masking fluid maybe?

Thanks Tessa. It's masking fluid. I roughly sketch out the figure shapes and other lines and hope for the best!

I wondered about the white lines. Great result.

And another great painting!

Thanks Lewis and Heather. I have a few very old, thick darning needles inherited from my Mum which give me a decent line when dipped in masking fluid. Anything pointy, even a dry twig. Never a brush ruins them.

Another great cafe scene Louise. Love the effects of the masking fluid and the overall relaxed feeling this painting emanates.

Hello again louise! What an intricate painting, very clever. I'm wondering where your starting point was.

Whoa superb in it's immediacy Louise

Thanks Carole, Marjorie and Dennis. Marjorie, I always begin figures like this by drawing the head shape, then shoulders and work down. Here, I began with the foreground chap in the red tee shirt then the lady next to him. Once the masking fluid was dry, his red tee shirt went on and then the rest followed. Now I've just noticed that box for typing comments in is quite small and I have to scroll back to see if I've made any

Yes, complete sense Louise - and thanks!

Great to see the girls again Louise.

Coffee out in the sun, lovely Louise

Thanks Gudrun, Carole, Sandra and Marjorie :)

The white lines and even your black outlines are the parts of your people paintings I love. They are very effective in your street scenes too. Whatever the topic, they are always full of life and vigor.

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watercolour 30 cm x 20 cm

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