POL Girls' Party!

POL Girls' Party!

Well they certainly look like they had a good night !!! best wishes for 2019 Louise.

Love this - We had a great time!

I really enjoyed my night out 😊thanks for inviting me .

Always one wants to dance on the ceiling...(-: Superb fun Louise, love the pigeon ....

As happened with the Christmas do, I couldn't fit everyone in this small 12 x 8 inch painting and again, lots of you out of sight will probably be muttering 'thank goodness for that'. lol It was a good night Linda. The ladies all looked lovely and stayed upright throughout! Happy New Year!

Thanks Jim. I couldn't resist this one! Pigeon..what pigeon? That's Fiona's famous little sparrow Spuggs who looks a little large because of all the turkish delights he's scoffed..lol

It’s a fab card Louise!! Happy New Year to you!!!! X

Lovely work Louise, all best wishes for 2019.

Fabulous image! I can recognise a few straight away. Happy New Year :)

Am I right to recognise myself, Louise? This is fantastic and all my best wishes to you for a very creative 2019.

Cheers Louise, brilliant night! Love little Spuggs eyeing the Turkish Delight 😍 Happy New Year to you, look forward to seeing many more paintings of the 'girls'. Ps if that's me there thanks for making me look young 😂

Ha ha....Louise I’m just surfacing....what a night! Good job we have a two day bank holiday at Hogmanay, to recover...lol. Even Spuggs enjoyed herself, I’m surprised to see that there are still a few pieces of Turkish delight uneaten...lol Looks as though I’ve smudged my lippy, or could it be I’ve nicked some you know what! A super collection of happy faces .....hope we can keep smiling until the next new year!

They never how old as we grow old! Party on!

Thank you Jim and Stephen and thank you ladies for not being offended at the way I've painted some of you. Also, thank you for all the lovely, encouraging comments throughout the last year. You are all so nice and I sincerely hope that this year is a good one for us all :)

Eh? Whaaa? Ooh my head - I'm not doing that again! In case the wine went to my head too quickly last night ( strong possibility) , Happy New Year everyone!

Happy New Year Gudrun, Dennis and Marjorie..hope you've recovered :)

Happy New Year, Louise! I so enjoy these "girls' night out" pieces of yours - the ladies always look like they're having a blast and this painting is just brimming with fun and joie de vivre and one can almost hear the music and see the bright lights! Really super!

Love this Louise! Didn't we have a wonderful night!! Happy New Year to you too.

Thank you and Happy New Year Seok! We did indeed Margaret but now I want to take down the Christmas tree etc and just get back to normal. We had a slight frost here last night but even so, it feels a little like spring already. I've seen blossom on some trees and bulb shoots are coming through. My friend has even seen Mancunian parakeets investigating a nesting box! Now I've said that, we'll probably get an icy blast from that beast from the East :)

I can't remember Jennifer..LOL

Looks like a real good time had by all Louise. Happy new year :)

This is fab, Louise! Happy New Year!

Thanks Sarah and Shirley and hope the New Year is a good 'un!

Hang on Studio Wall

Happy New Year. Let's hope it's a good one!

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