Feeding Frenzy!

Feeding Frenzy!

Thanks Kirstie, I tried to catch the chaos and speed of the birds as they attacked the feeder and ate the lot within minutes. LOL

They must be hungry after the long flight, good that you gave them breakfast Louise. Great drawing with lovely colours and my favourite bird stands on the ground on the left hand side. He's cute!!

Following on from the previous work Louise both catch the frenetic action spot on

Thanks Satu and Dennis. It's just a bit of fun really. I do tend to rush things off sometimes and feel better for doing so :)

Is that you in the centre feeding them Louise? Can almost hear them squawking:)

I'd also be squawking and I'd keep well away from this lot Carole. LOL

This is so full of life and movement, Louise. Beautiful!

I thought for a minute that you had been to the Red Kite feeding centre at Gilgren Farm! A few crows watch on. Well caught!

Reminds me of the name of a film......

Many thanks Mia, Linda and yes Peter, it was one of those films, once seen never forgotten :)

It's a murder of crows I seem to recall - That is a feeding tray in the middle and not some poor guy in a noose? :)

LOL Michael..no men hanging on the bird feeder in my garden!! The mind boggles :)

Now this isn't art related but might be of interest to anyone having trouble with pesky squirrels pinching nuts from their bird feeders. Our local squirrel used to climb the feeder pole which I tried greasing so he couldn't get a grip and he slid down. I ran out of grease eventually so priced up something called a squirrel baffle at the local garden centre. The prices were extortionate so we made our own squirrel baffle. A cheap plastic mixing bowl, sprayed black, a hole cut in the centre and attached upside down to the feeder pole with a jubilee clip. It worked The squirrel gave up after a couple of attempts to climb that pole and looks rather cross with me now :)

Another beautiful painting full of movement, Louise.

What a glorious burst of colour and movement - love it

Thank you Cesare and Lynne :)

Arhhhhhh the birds, the birds!!!! lol Birds full of character and quite intelligent too Louise, they know where the good food is!! You have certainly captured their quick and frenzied behaviour, I can hear them bickering. I remember that film too, wasn't it based in your beloved Manchester...or was it Liverpool?

Tell me about them Louise. This is smashing.

Hang on Studio Wall

Those greedy Starlings on the bird feeder again :)

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