Christmas Market

Christmas Market

Just like looking at your "people" movement, gesture , life .

It really is that congested isn't it? Haven't been this year, got drenched last time! You have caught the atmosphere very well.

Lovely busy market, Louise.

Typical scene in several cities and this shows the pull to the public very well.

So well captured Louise.

Thank you Sylvia, Stephen, Cesare, Derek and Marjorie. It's just a quick watercolour inspired by a visit to our local market over the weekend. It was busy but not quite so jammed as this! I didn't do any pre drawing which might explain why the figures are so packed together. After painting one quickly with my trusty rigger brush, the others just seem to follow, not much breathing space! The colours were added after the rigger line work.

Super Louise, all those figures make up a great abstract form, one shape growing out of the next and disappearing over the horizon.

Crowded Louise, as always at Christmas. Lovely job!

What a great sketch! You have captured all the bustle and frenzy of Christmas shopping and I have had fun looking at all the individual figures and trying to guess who they are buying for and what they are buying. A really cheerful piece of work!

Thank you Kirstie, Sharon, Carole and Thea :)

Lovely, busy painting Louise, I haven't been to the Christmas markets yet.

Busy, busy....that would drive me bonkers Louise! I like the central character, the lady with her bag over her shoulder, it's as if the painting is about her and her thoughts and everyone else is there, but not there. Bonkers!!

A brilliant sketch,depicting the modern meaning of Christmas, throngs of people shopping.

Very well observed Louise

Thank you all. Christmas markets are good fun Margaret but the tasty looking pies, cakes etc can be rather expensive :) I agree Andre, the true meaning seems lost these days. Fiona, I like the lady too and Dennis, it's more imagination than observation if I'm honest but thank you :)

This has inspired me to paint people! Lovely work.

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watercolour 18 cm x 20 cm

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