Outside Deansgate Station

Outside Deansgate Station

Tremendous vitality in this work Louise, excellent.

Yes another gorgeous piece Louise brilliant

What a gorgeous view Louise! Lovely colours and so much to look at. Good to have you back!

Many thanks Alan, Dennis and Satu.

Dynamic! Lovely work Louise!

Great to see your work again Louise....and what a come back!! I love the colours and all the different directions you can explore the scene. Great stuff!

I love all the twists and turns, the eye really goes round the painting.And the colours in the washes are beautiful.

Thank you Sarah, Fiona and Marjorie. I've driven past this place many, many times and yet never really looked properly until I painted it. I'd never before even noticed that little building under the railway between the two bridges. We just don't see these things I think until we paint them. Too busy watching the traffic I suppose!

wow what a great view Louise, it's awesome :)

Lovely to see your work again, Louise. Beautifully done, brimming with energy and movement, and I love the overhead perspective. It's fabulous!

Missed this one Louise! Love your bird's eye views😊

Thank you Seok, Maria and Carole.

Lots of life in this Lesley, very difficult perspective from that high viewpoint.

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour 32 cm x 32 cm

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