Looks as if they are ready for the Office Party Louise, especially the lady in red!

Definately a party mood here Louise, the lady in red has perhaps had one sherry too many? lol

I just love the way you get so much attitude and character into these figures without even defining a single feature! Quite amazing - love this scene and I am imagining what these ladies are up to and where they are going so as a viewer you have got me hooked and engaged.

Looks like they're all hell-bent on a good night out Louise! The lady in red makes this painting.

Thank you all. It's that time of year again ..LOL

Love the tipsy lady in red but what about the middle one? she's had too much as well, is she doing a 'moony'? ;o)

Looks that way Carole!

Now that's a painting with serious attitude! Love the energy of the piece which jumps out at you. Gorgeous work, Louise!

This is a great image.Reminds me of the Duchamp painting of a figure ascending a staircase.Sorry for a bit of a boring reply,its still great fun also.

Thank you Seok and David!

Hi Louise - I don't post much any more but I have been admiring your recent series of figure paintings and thought I would drop in to say how much I like them. They are full of vitality and fun, and I like that. I would also like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy 2015.

Very kind of you to say so Lionel. Merry Christmas and best wishes to you and hopefully we'll see more of your paintings in the new year.

Hang on Studio Wall

I've painted rather a few like this today and the one that worked best was when I didn't look too much while drawing the outlines with the rigger! Painting it seems by instinct and just going for it seems to work for the moment anyway!

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