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WC Overhede

Lovely Liezel! What a nice memory. Just like me and my husband out walking-we always hold hands, even now in our 60’s.


Thanks so much Christine, its nice that it resonates with you also! I can even see them, years from now, in their 80's, still holding hands. I might to a repeat painting then... (-:

How lovely is this - both what they do and this brilliant painting

Ah thanks Heather, a misty-eyed one this!

Real character coming through with feeling.

Wow this is absolutely brilliant, so beautifully painted.

Love this Liezel. Great figures full of charisma.

This is stunning and so precious to you.

Thanks so much everyone for your lovely comments.

A painting that tells a story. It's a really expressive piece, beautifully painted.

Fabulous, the emotions are coming through the painting

Such a lovely story and you have caught the emotion beautifully.

Hang on Studio Wall

My parents holding hands is a fond memory for me, they always held hands, even just popping to the shop, between walking from the car to the shop entrance, they held hands. This picture was taken a few years ago visiting them in South Africa and painting it was pure joy and made it feel like they are a bit closer.

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