Out for a stroll

Out for a stroll

This is a super, unusual subject Liezal. Love the way you have painted the sheep and figures. If you don’t mind me saying the road needs to bend a bit with more narrowing in the distance but who cares, it’s a beautiful painting.

Thanks so much Carole, yes happy with the sheep and front figure, and then when it came to the background I got too afraid or cautious, after all that work on the sheep, and it shows! I think I will treat the background "as part of" the foreground with round 2 and see how that goes. Thanks for your comment! (-;

What a fantastic painting , love those sheep!

Love the subject and so beautifully painted

May I agree with Carole's comment...brilliant work indeed!

So unusual and so well painted.

Brilliant sheep Liezal

Thanks so much Heather, Romila, Thalia, Christine and Richard, I'm so pleased with the sheep myself so I need to work on some background sketches. Thanks for taking the time to look and comment!

Hang on Studio Wall

I just loved the myriad of ears and legs from this image - we were stuck behind the sheep for some time on a visit to South Africa some time ago and it just seemed like a fun subject. I'm not 100% sure of the background - any feedback welcome for a second attempt!

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