Ron & Nelly's Luxury World Cruise - Page 7

Ron & Nelly's Luxury Cruise Page7

Agreed! Love the little details, the ladies looking out of their windows and the little face behind bars. Oh and those tattoos which seem such a good idea at the time......!

Thank you all for your wonderfully generous comments. Russell, thanks for that, but I think you have to accept how you are...most published artists I've read about say you have to have complete belief in yourself. I don't have that, I tried many years back and got fed up with all the flapping around. I've settled on drawing being a fantastic way to spend your time. That's enough for me.

I’m glad you spend your time enjoying your drawing Lewis because you thrill us with your imaginative, humorous and intelligent art.

Thanks again to all who've taken the trouble to comment, it's very much appreciated. Thanks very much for the 'boy' bit, Robert...the jury is still out on the 'genius' bit. In fact, they've all gone home to bed.

Hang on Studio Wall

Another page in this little saga. Mixed media, images compiled and text added in photoshop.

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Lewis Cooper

Self taught. Love drawing. Like to make pictures up, without using reference pics, often in cartoon style. I do other pictures where I do use reference. I'm knocking on a bit, born in 1940 in Greenwich, London. Retired, and loving it.

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