Ron & Nelly's Luxury World Cruise- Page 5.

Ron & Nelly's World Cruise-Page5-small

Makes me feel qweeeezy just looking at this. Good work.

Posted by C Jones on Thu 10 Oct 06:50:00

Good for Nelly, not a hair out of place! A True-Brit on holiday. 🙂

I look forward to seeing your work, it’s one of my five a day. I particularly like the ship, but then again I would as it’s my thing, great rusty effect.

Love the seasick characters and Nelly’s total unawareness. Brilliant stuff as always.

Smart girl that Nelly Lewis. As I said great detail and better than those puzzles.

Thanks to all for your great response to this little saga. Glad you like the ship Dixie...I love old ships but don't paint them much. This is a simplified version of an old tramp steamer, I have to show it sometimes and didn't want it to be too difficult.

Great illustrating as ever Lew. Having crossed the Irish Sea a few times when it's been in a bad mood, I can well relate to this.

Always makes me smile. Brightens up my morning. Like Jim I’ve crossed the Irish Sea when rough and can totally sympathise with Ron!

So many brilliant little touches in this - the chocs at Nelly's hand, the cover of the book she's reading; and I love the ship, without feeling the least desire to be on board.

Well, I must say I'm not "green" with envy Lew :) Those monster waves look ready to swallow up that ship at any moment.

Sounds and looks like a cruise ship recently in the news, where the passengers are demanding their money back because the ship couldn't dock into many of the ports on the itinerary. Imagine taking a cruise where all you're doing is sailing around, unable to land because of bad weather. At least Nelly has the right idea.

Once again, it's just great to get your wonderful feedback, thanks very much. A 'cruise' doesn't appeal to me, unless you're within sight of a coast all there is to look at is an unchanging horizon.

Just love it, Lewis!

Fantastic Lewis!

Glad I'm not there - well painted, Lewis

Hang on Studio Wall

Another page in this little saga. The only time I've ever felt seasick was in the Bay of Biscay (been through it many times). On this one occasion heavy Atlantic rollers put our ancient troopship into a slow roll that lasted for hours...all we landlubbers got sick. I wasn't actually sick, but so queasy it put me off my grub. A major catastrophe...I was a growing lad.

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